Birth Plans

When crafting a birth plan to give to the providers at your birth location, especially at hospitals, it is best to keep them fairly short and easy to read.  Most of the nursing staff will typically be busy and only consider these when it’s something quick they can glance at.  I recommend making several copies as well, for shift changes and to have in multiple locations. Keep an eye out for our visual birth plan template, that should be posted here within the next few weeks.


We are breast(or bottle) feeding only.

We would like time to discuss any interventions privately before making a decision.

We plan on skin to skin immediately after birth even if a cesarean birth is needed.

These are only examples, your birth and birth plan should be about your wishes and desires for you and your baby and should not be shaped around what other wish of you or feel others find important.  I am happy to provide you with resources to help you make informed decisions on any topic but ultimately they are decisions you and your partner need to make for your family.

B.R.A.I.N acronym and Informed Consent


Benefits– What are the benefits of this procedure? How will this help me/my baby/my labor

Risks– What are the risks of this procedure? How might this negatively affect me/baby/labor

Alternatives– Are there alternatives to this procedure? Are there other options?

Intuition– What is my gut feeling about this?

Need Time or Nothing– Can I delay this procedure and take some time to think about it/discuss it with my partner/what happens if I choose nothing for now?

No person/facility should give you a pelvic exam or manipulate your cervix without your prior consent.

No person/facility should pressure you into attempting induction unless it is medically necessary

No person/facility should break your water or cut your perineum without prior consultation with you and gaining permission.

You have the right to refuse a course of treatment/action that you feel is not in your or your baby’s best interest

No person/facility should rush you to make a decision.

You have the right to be treated with respect to your mind and body