I support you. Parents, mothers and fathers, I support you during this exciting time when your family is growing. I support your family dynamic because it’s 2015 and they are all normal, built from a foundation of love and grown with patience, knowledge and respect.  I support your choices, your emotions and I support you physically.  I am a professional doula, and I support you!

What is a doula?  Well, that depends on who you ask.  A birth coach, a labor companion, a mothers helper or a woman’s servant; they could all be used to describe who a doula is. None of those terms really offer you a true sense of what I do.  My never ending education and training help me provide you with tools that make a difference before pregnancy, during pregnancy, during labor and postpartum.  As a doula, I work for you and work with your care providers cooperatively and respectfully.  Before and during pregnancy I listen to your intentions, desires and concerns regarding the pregnancy and birth of your child. Additionally, I can help you create a plan for after your baby has arrived.

During your labor I am at your side and I am at your partners side offering emotional and physical support. What emotional and physical support look like during labor varies for every family or intended family and the options for support are vast.  My being there and my being available to you can put you at ease and promote confidence in your choices. I have held hands, been a listening ear, performed massage (did I mention I am a licensed massage therapist?), provided hours of counter-pressure, encouraged partners or companions in ways to assist the laboring mother and the list goes on. 

After your baby arrives, I can assist you with a healthy transition for you and your new baby. I am trained to help both you and baby acquaint with breastfeeding, provide you with opportunity to rest and encourage bonding with your new family. A good doula is invaluable.

It is a common misconception that doulas only support natural and drug free births.  Some may cater to a particular style of birth or birth locations but many support families regardless of how or where they are birthing.  For the parents who are single, married, of any sexual orientation, having a surrogate birth, adopting, planned or unplanned cesarean birth, doulas all over are supporting you! And, this week, World Doula Week, I as a doula want to thank you for allowing me to support you!