Perhaps you are in the stage where getting pregnant in the next few months to a year is where you are at in your family. Perhaps you’ve already been trying to achieve pregnancy for the past few months or even years. Massage specifically designed to promote and improve your reproductive health can help prepare your body and mind for conception. First off let me say that massage for fertility is performed 100% externally and needs to be performed as a collaborative effort from those trying to conceive, the massage therapist and potentially medical professionals.
Everyone, males and females, should work on detoxifying their body for a solid 3 months before conceiving. This helps cleanse the body which may improve chances of conceiving and uncomfortable side effects in early pregnancy once you conceive. New sperm are being created daily, however, it takes 3 months to have completely new sperm develop. Men should wear loose fitted clothing as sperm is best created a few degrees below body temperature [boxers or commando are best]. Women, can improve their liver and kidney function helping them better process the extra fluids the body retains and creates during pregnancy to nourish the baby. Additionally, women for proper pelvic alignment should stop wearing high heels and ideally would be off of birth control for 3 months prior to conception. All of which, should be cleared with your care provider to make sure aligns with your specific health care needs.
Fertility issues are on the rise, our overall environment has taken a toll on our ease of reproducing due to pollution, food quality, work schedules and activities. All of those effect our hormones which regulate nearly all of our reproductive health. The current break down of fertility issues are 40% male, 40% female and 20% unknown reasons for infertility. For men is predominately has to do with their sperm. Globally, sperm count is down nearly 20%. And, though men produce 100-400 million sperm per ejaculation, about 50 actually make that all the way to an egg. Having high quality sperm can be obtained through the wear of loose clothing, healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and good hydration. Women are experiencing higher instances of reproductive related challenges with a very high rise in the instance of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, uterine fibroids and hormonal imbalances.

So, with all that planning and detoxing and thinking and trying and all the stress that can be involved in creating or growing your family, what can you do?
If you suspect any complications see your health care provider and discuss what issues you may have.

Both partners should be getting their hormones checked and men should have their sperm count tested.

Adapting healthy diets and sleep patterns are extremely important, and often some of the hardest things to do in our society.

Learn how to chart cycles so that you can know exactly which day you ovulate. (using an app to store the information is good, but it not necessarily accurate if it calculates based on your menstrual cycle) You’ll need to take you temperature daily first thing in the morning and chart that to calculate peak fertility. [this can also be used to prevent pregnancy]

K.I.S.S!! No seriously, kiss A LOT all the time. In part, one of the reasons teens are more likely to get pregnant is because of their high levels of passion, they make out because it’s fun. And, really even with complications, making a baby should be a lot of fun. It raises all the appropriate hormones in the body, it loosens the jaw, and loose lips = loose hips.

Who is Fertility Massage good for?

Families trying to conceive naturally
Families who are on medications to support their fertility
Families who are undergoing IUI/IVF or other A.R.T

Can any massage therapist do fertility massage?

No, there are specific trainings for massage therapists who would like to help this population. Clients should see someone who is a certified Fertility Massage Specialist.

If you are in the Charleston or surrounding areas and are interested in massage to support your fertility and help improve symptoms that cause infertility contact me here.

If you have any questions please email me at Later this year (2015) or early next year, I will be bringing this technique and others to the west coast to train other therapists in these amazing and successful techniques. If you are interested in having me in your area, please email the above address.