This will be an ongoing option available to my clients as well as the clients of Sacred Bee Doula. Book with this option and while your placenta is being prepared for encapsulation in your home, enjoy a postpartum massage to help your body recover from your recent birth.

Mother Roasting and postpartum massage

Mother what? You might be thinking. When I first heard that phrase I had a number of strange pictures running through my head.  Mother roasting refers to keeping the body warm after her baby arrives.  A variety of warming methods can be employed during this postpartum massage to help heat the body, relax muscles, and the new mother. Postpartum massage can help with milk production and let down, drawing the pelvis and ribs back together, reduce the chances of postpartum depression (PPD) or improve symptoms of PPD and help the body recover from the hard (and amazing!) work of birthing your child.

Check out Sacred Bee Doula a local PBi Placenta Encapsulation Specialist for more details on placenta encapsulation and its amazing benefits!

We look forward to serving the Charleston, Summerville and surrounding Lowcountry cities.