May 10th is Mother’s Day. A special time we dedicate every year to our mothers, the women who helped raise us or our partners. It’s usually a day filled with flowers, jewelry, breakfast in bed and time set a side to let everyone else “do it all”. Because, that’s what mother’s do, they care for their children and loved ones in a way that few others can. A mother’s job goes beyond her love and dedication to family, whether she works at an office or is a stay at home mom her job as a mother doesn’t start at 6 and end at 5, it begins during pregnancy or during an adoption and is carried on throughout the lives of her children. Having just one day to celebrate these amazing women in our lives just doesn’t seem like enough.

Top 5 things that Mom’s are asking for this Mother’s Day:

1. Not having to make plans for the day.
Get ahead now and plan the day for her from breakfast to activities with her in mind.

2. Trusty favorites.
Does she like her tea with or without sugar? Pancakes or waffles? A day in her pajamas or go out? Keep her favorites in mind when planning for her special day.

3. Nostalgia.
Her favorite pictures of her or her child’s younger days, a special treat that’s hard to find, or some fantastic music or movies from her childhood. The options are vast and it is sure to make her smile, or laugh.

4. Pampering
Massage, crafted sugar and salt scrubs. She wants an opportunity to take care of her body and relieve some tension and stress. Check out our month long specials just for Mom.

5. Remind her how valuable and loved she is.
Not just your every day “I love ya mom”. Think of writing her a heartfelt letter, poem or song. Or, you could always just sit down and tell her why she’s such an amazing person.

I hope all the mothers, soon to be mothers and those who’ve dedicated their lives to raising us a beautiful and Happy Mother’s Day.