What’s that about? Most people hear castor oil and think, “Ew! That gross stuff that my friend told me to drink to put me in labor.” Or, you might think of the sticky oil that lubricates machinery. Yes, I mean that very stuff (but organic and hexane free).

Why it’s used to lubricate machinery (the machinery that makes vitamins, OTC, and prescription medications)? Because, it has such a low instance of allergic reaction and it’s fairly viscous.

Castor oil also known as the “Oil that Heals” is really an amazing and inexpensive therapeutic oil. For extensive information on Castor Oil Check out, The Oil that Heals, By Dr. McGarey

It penetrates tissues 6 inches providing wonderful hydration to achy and arthritic joints, sluggish digestion (no need to drink it!), uterine fibroids, basal cell skin cancer, scar tissue, detox for liver, kidneys, and spleen, improves health and quality of sperm, reduces the symptoms of PCOS and endometriosis, stimulates hair growth [even eyelashes]. And, the list goes on! Castor oil packs are great for almost anyone [not recommended for children].

Where do I get them and how do I use them?

You can get the from me! Or, make your own

The castor oil I sell is organic, GMO free cold pressed and processed from the U.S. With the castor oil comes a large piece of flannel.

How do I use the pack?

Designate the area that needs treated
Heat up a hot water bottle, microwave pillow or heating pad. [hot water bottle is best because of weight]
Pour roughly an ounce of oil in your hands to warm it up and apply liberally to the area (you may need more or less oil but it should be enough to glisten on the area)
Cover the oil covered area with the flannel and apply the heat source on top.
Rest with this covered for 45-60 minutes 2-4 days a week until improvement is seen.

The castor oil can be applied to the testicles before sleep (do not use a heat source)

The castor oil can be applied to the cervix to reduce adhesions from freezing of cells or HPV

These statements have not been approved by the FDA and for any remedies you should consult your health care provider.